Alex Biron

Alex Biron is one of the most exciting breakout comedians in Canada. His viral videos have amassed over 200 million views, and his TikTok lives are now ranked in the Top 10 on the Rising Stars list.

Starting his career in Vancouver, Alex developed a lightning fast style that combines crowd-work with subversive storytelling. Over the pandemic, his online content introduced his comedic voice to the world, and he has since partnered with NBC and Heinz to create unique guerrilla ads.

More recently, Alex has invited his fans to take part in the comedy directly, selling gag products like his immensely popular Bumper Stickers and Business Cards. His prank calls have become a mainstay on the front page of the internet, and led to a brand new podcast called Unknown Caller. Alex is also currently developing a reality TV show with a major Hollywood studio!

At over 1M followers, he is embarking on his new SPEAKERPHONE tour, preparing for an upcoming special he plans to film later this year. Be part of his exciting upward trajectory, and buy a ticket before they’re gone!