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Hows Our Service Sticker with Alex Biron's Phone Number

Hows Our Service Sticker with Alex Biron's Phone Number

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NUMBER WORKS INTERNATIONALLY. (We pay a premium for the number to work in Canada, USA, UK & AUS)


Introducing the hilarious "How's Our Service" sticker with Alex Biron's phone number printed on it! Perfect for anyone who loves to stir up some laughter and mayhem.

Slap this sticker on any business window or door, sit back and watch the magic happen. As Karens and disgruntled customers call in, they'll think they're reaching the business, but little do they know they'll be speaking to Alex Biron, the prankster himself.

Not only is this sticker a riot, but it's also made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and stickiness. So go ahead, add some humor to your day with the "How's Our Service" sticker, and let Alex Biron take care of the rest.


Price reflects the extra videos being made and access to Alex's phone number and time and materials.
💛 Laminated to protect from damage
💛 Approximately 8.5x2.5 inches
💛 White Vinyl Sticker
💛 Designed by myself! :)
💛 Clean area well before placing the sticker so that the sticker stays in place.
💛 Peel Sticker carefully as to not rip the sticker.


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